CZ-OPENSCREEN represents a Czech national node of the pan-European research infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN.

EU-OPENSCREEN is a pan-European infrastructure of open screening platforms for chemical biology that aims to develop novel small chemical compounds with the potential effect on organisms, cells or cellular components. EU-OPENSCREEN offers access to the screening of the chemical compounds and the analysis of their potential therapeutic effects. Using methods of chemical biology it tries to answer fundamental questions in cellular physiology.  

EU-OPENSCREEN integrates screening platforms around Europe and provides access to the jointly used compound collection with more than 200 000 commercial or new synthetized compounds. EU-OPENSCREEN supports all stages of screening from assay development, via high throughput screening to chemical optimisation of new identified active compounds (hit compounds).

All data are subsequently available under open access policy in ECBD (European Chemical Biology Database), which is operated by EU-OPENSCREEN.

EU-OPENSCREEN Interactive map

Through interactive map of EU-OPENSCREEN partners, users can easily find screening centre that suits their requirements and demands for cooperation.



European Chemical Biology Database

EU-OPENSCREEN in cooperation with its partner EMBL-EBI operates a publicly accessible European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD) - an effective tool containing the test results, protocols and other chemical information.