Assay development

The infrastructure has fully-equipped biochemistry and molecular biology laboratory for the development of new assays and methods. Here, we have the following instruments:

  • liquid handling - liquid handling station Janus (PerkinElmer), microplate washer ELX405 (Biotek) and 3 liquid dispensers MultiDrop Combi (Thermo Scientific)
  • readers - multimode microplate reader EnVision with stacker (PerkinElmer), imaging microplate reader for real-time kinetic fluorimetric and luminescent measurements of second messengers FDSS µCell (Hamamatsu), microplate beta counter MicroBeta2 (PerkinElmer) and flow cytometer Guava EasyCyte (Guava Technologies)
  • logistic support - plate sealer ALPS 50V (Thermo Scientific) and barcode printer (Zebra) and scanners (1D, 2D)


The infrastructure has three fully equipped cell culture laboratories which are dedicated to routine, infectious/viral and human embryonic stem cell/iPS work.