CZ-OPENSCREEN: National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology

Identification code: LM2011022

State funding provider: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Programme: Large RDI infrastructure projects (2010-2017)

Research years: 1.1. 2012- 31.12. 2015

Project objectives and aim: The aim of the project „CZ-OPENSCREEN: National infrastructure for chemical biology” is to build up the cutting edge infrastructure for the basic and applied research in the fields of chemical biology and genetics which will be the partner of the pan-European ESFRI infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN. The mission of chemical biology/genetics is to identify molecules that can be subsequently broadly used as tools in biomedical research or as the basis for development of new pharmaceuticals.




Development of New Chemical Compounds with Anti-Tumor Activities or Use in Regenerative Medicine

Identification code:  FR-TI4/802

State funding provider: Ministry of Industry and Trade

Programme: FR-TIP (2009-2017)

Research years: 1.1. 2012 - 31.12. 2015

Project objectives and aim: Majority of the tissues in the organisms contain a population of tissue specific stem cells. These adult multipotent cells are regularly involved in homeostatic self-renewal and tissue repair processes. The biology of the stem cells is regulated by a limited set of signalling cascades. Interestingly, the dysregulation of these cascades can ultimately lead to the cellular transformation. The main goal of the project is to identify and characterize molecules which support growth of the stem cells in vitro and/or induce cell death of malignant cells. In frame of the project vast numbers of small synthetic compounds will be synthesized and its biological activity will be tested and evaluated. The selected molecules can be potentially used as growth factors supporting survival of the stem cells during transplantations or as therapeutics in the treatment of cancer.




ReceptorX: Integrated Platform for Drug Discovery and Development

Identification code: TA02010212

State funding provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Programme: Programme of applied research and experimental development ALFA (2011-2019)

Research years: 1.1. 2012 - 31.12. 2015

Project objectives and aim: Within the ReceptorX project the technological and informatics platform for nuclear receptor profiling will be established. The project is based on the collaboration of experts in research areas of nuclear receptors and high-throughput screening, organic synthesis, ADME/Tox and cheminformatics. The main objective of the project is the identification of biologically active compounds for the development of new medicines for treatment of serious human diseases.








CZ-OPENSCREEN: National Infrastructure for Chemical Biology

Project number: CZ.2.16/3.1.00/24020

Provider: Municipality of Prague

Programme: Operation Programme Prague Competitiveness

Research years: 1.3. 2011 - 16.5. 2013

Project objectives and aim: The purpose of the project is construction of the infrastructure that will support basic research in the area of chemical biology and genetics and offer Open Access to academic researchers. This infrastructure is being equipped with state-of-the-art technology that includes an integrated robotic system for high-throughput screening, a system for automated microscopic high-content analysis and an integrated robotic system for compound storage and management. The mission of the project is to set up a national infrastructure for chemical biology which includes the national compound collection and the database that enable identification of research tools and probes to be used in basic research and in development of potential therapeutics. CZ-OPENSCREEN is a priority project in The National Roadmap of the Large Infrastructures and will serve as a National node within the ESFRI infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN


Label-free Technology Platform

Project number: CZ.2.16/3.1.00/28026

Provider:  Municipality of Prague

Programme: Operation Programme Prague Competitiveness

Research years: 1.9. 2012 - 30.4. 2013

Project objectives and aim: The project started in September 2012 and should provide equipment for non-invasive real-time monitoring of changes in the living systems with the aim to identify molecules that could be used as tools for further biomedical research or in drug development process. The purchased instruments will supplement the current laboratory equipment within the National infrastructure for chemical biology CZ-OPENSCREEN and Institute of Molecular Genetics ASCR, v. v. i.






Project reference: 261861

Provider: European Union


Research year: 1.11. 2010 - 30.4. 2015

The EU-OPENSCREEN Preparatory Phase forms the basis for the construction and operation of a pan-European infrastructure of open screening platforms for Chemical Biology. EU-OPENSCREEN will bring together leading laboratories from 14 European countries covering all aspects of Chemical Biology from high-throughput screening with a dedicated compound library to assay development, chemical synthesis for hit-optimisation, bio-profiling and in vivo studies, as well as a central database, training for scientists and platform staff and dissemination activities. The infrastructure will be used by researchers from universities, research institutes and SMEs across Europe, who either have only limited in-house facilities or no access at all to such resources and expertise. The EU-OPENSCREEN infrastructure will keep Europe at the forefront of the biological and medical sciences and will stimulate industrial research and commercial exploitation.