We strongly advise to consult the project prior to the proposal submission.

The project should be submitted to CZ-OPENSCREEN using the online project proposal form.

CZ-OPENSCREEN provides services either under open access policy or on the commercial basis.

In case of open access policy the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is signed between the user and CZ-OPENSCREEN. MTA defines the subsequent usage of results.

Project accepted to the open access program is evaluated by the open access committee. In case of positive evaluation the committee provides the user with the list of recommendation and notes to improve the project.

Approved project is developed together with CZ-OPENSCREEN scientific staff. The assay development includes a pilot small-scale screening experiments to provide a proof of concept for the following HTS.

High throughput screening (HTS) with large chemical compound libraries followed by a series of validation experiments are carried out in a fully automated manner on two separate fully integrated robotic HTS stations.

The data from the screen are documented and analyzed and user receives the list of identified active compounds (hits) and the screening report.

The open access policy requires each user to produce specific outcomes, mostly scientific publication and patents.

There is a protected time period of three years during which the user can exploit the data generated during the project. After this protected period, the data become available through the CZ-OPENSCREEN web portal to the wide scientific community in the open access mode.

In case of services provided on the commercial basis, the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is signed between the user and CZ-OPENSCREEN. User pays the fee for service (full cost of the project) and CZ-OPENSCREEN does not use any of the data/results generated during the project.