We strongly advise the consultancy prior to the inquiry submission. Chemists apply for the chemosensitive profiling of their compounds by submitting the compound submission inquiry to CZ-OPENSCREEN.

CZ-OPENSCREEN provides compounds profiling either under open access policy or on the commercial basis.

In case of open access policy the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is signed between the user and CZ-OPENSCREEN. MTA defines the subsequent usage of data and donation of chemical compounds to the national compound collection and optionally, to the EU-OPENSCREEN compound library (ECBL).

Compounds criteria such as purity or chemical stability are evaluated. All compound information handed over to CZ-OPENSCREEN are stored in the Laboratory Information Management System LIMS and the information is protected by the user account privileges.

For newly synthetized, original chemical compounds, CZ-OPENSCREEN offers a sophisticated, early pre-clinical drug development platform for systematic bioprofiling of small molecule libraries using a panel of cell lines, primary cells and assays to collect information about cytostatic, cytotoxic, apoptotic, necrotic and proliferative properties of the compounds.

User receives biological activity report containing detailed analysis of their compounds biological activities.

Under open access policy there is a protected time period of 3 years during which the user can exploit the data generated from compound bioprofiling. At the end of this protected period the data are published in the European Chemical Biology Database (ECBD).

In case of services provided on the commercial basis, the Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) is signed between the user and CZ-OPENSCREEN and the user pays the full cost of the profiling. CZ-OPENSCREEN does not use any of such generated data and results.