CORONAbase is a comprehensive, cross-platform database for PCR diagnostics, which has been developed and employed at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep the testing records organized.
It allows to efficiently track patient samples throughout the whole testing process: from sample registration through RNA isolation and qPCR detection, to the final quality control and data reporting. Individual samples are labelled with barcodes that serve as unique identifiers and the application can be adjusted to different workflows based on individual test tubes or multiwell plates. Finally, the interactive plate view gives a visual overview of the occupancy and consistently color coded sample priorities.
CORONAbase provides cross-platform access via webbrowser, as well as full touch support for mobile devices, which makes it easy to quickly navigate through the application from a wide range of devices. The process of sample registration has been optimized for tablets as a practical alternative for entering data in biosafety areas.