What we offer to our potential users

  • established standard biological and biochemical assays
  • consultancy and development of new assays
  • high-throughput screening (HTS ) and high -content testing ( HCS)
  • profiling of small molecules on nuclear receptors and signaling pathways
  • development/optimization of chemical compounds with potential biological activity
  • access to unique collections of chemical compounds
  • cheminformatic support

CZ-OPENSCREEN infrastructure service is available in the form of open access to our technologies. We offer to our users not only the open access to our services but the shared-cost or the full-cost model of financing.

If you are interested in our services, it is necessary to submit a project proposal (biologists) or a compound submission inquiry (chemists), which will be evaluated in terms of scientific criteria and technical feasibility.

You can always contact us for further information.

You can submit a project proposal here.

Who are our potential users?

Biologists who are looking for chemical substances with precisely defined effects in biological system of their interest. CZ-OPENSCREEN provides comprehensive services to biologists from standard assays to the development of new assays, analysis of the results.  

Chemists who are interested in data on the biological activities of their compounds. CZ-OPENSCREEN offers a compound bioprofiling of small molecule libraries on the panel of cell lines and data analysis. Chemists can also donate their compounds to the national compound collection.

Database users who are interested in biological data to help them to identify novel scientific correlations between biological effects and chemical structures. CZ-OPENSCREEN developed a dedicated software tool that is available for free.