Zebrabase is a scalable, cross-platform fish tracking database developed especially for research fish facilities. It is built on three main cornerstones - comprehensive animal tracking, interactive breeding history and advanced management features.
Our aim is to provide a robust tracking solution for various research infrastructures.Zebrabase is suitable both for small, budget-conscious facilities as well as for large facilities looking to improve workflow management and reporting. Zebrabase supports both desktop and mobile use on various platforms.
Zebrabase has been developed at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Prague (Czech Republic) by an interdisciplinary team of zebrafish researchers, programmers and web designers. Initially designed as a solution for our own zebrafish facility, we now aim to provide this tracking system to fish facilities worldwide.
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Oltova J, Jindrich J, Skuta C, Svoboda O, Machonova O, Bartunek P. Zebrabase: An Intuitive Tracking Solution for Aquatic Model Organisms. Zebrafish. 2018 Sep 20. PubMed, DOI