CZ -OPENSCREEN works with a mass spectrometer TQ 6500+ (Sciex) containing a triple quadrupole analyzer with the possibility of fast mass scanning in unit resolution. This type of mass spectrometer enables very sensitive targeted analyses, where MRM (multiple reaction monitoring) is mainly used as the scanning type. A great advantage is the possibility of direct connection of the mass spectrometer to the HTS via acoustic ejection, as well as its use outside the HTS line in connection with liquid chromatography or acoustic ejection.
LC – liquid chromatography
  • sample preparation and use of labelled standards needed
  • analysis of complex samples from tissues, cell lysates, media, plasma or urea etc.
  • relative and absolute quantification
  • RT`s determination, isomers separation
  • ability to monitor hundreds of compounds in one run
AE - acoustic ejection
  • no sample preparation is needed in most cases
  • direct measurement from 384 or 1536 well-plates
  • fast analysis of simple biochemical, enzymatical assays
  • possibility of observing 4 molecules per well at maximum
  • quick and accurate quantification
  • in/on line measurement within a high-throughput system
  • very fast and accurate target measurement of biochemical, biological assays etc.
we provide
  • using AE-MS as a detector in high throughput screening
  • targeted analysis, relative and absolute quantification followed MS standard tuning of MRM transition
  • finding an appropriate way in sample preparation or project design suitable for MS analysis (effective quenching of metabolic pathways, derivatization for better ionization, internal standard addition, desalination, inappropriate additives elimination etc.)
  • different approaches in the sample transport to MS (AE x LC)